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Old is New — Call for papers: new deadline 2 April

Old is New — Call for papers: new deadline 2 April

 Old is New: The Presence of the Past in the Music of the Present

24, 25, 26 November 2016 – Lisbon

With high level papers presentations, debates and concerts.

Any creative activity must pay dedicated attention to the information transfer that occurs between different periods. One never starts from zero, no matter what the activity is, and this is also true for music. We talk about the way the past is considered in each historical moment, extracting from it as much as one can for the understanding of the present.

Starting from the point of view of composition – which also facilitates extending the discussion into the areas of performance, teaching, and analysis, for example – this conference will bring together a wide range of perspectives about how the musical past is always a subject for consideration in recent music, even when the present seems highly innovative and different from everything that came from other historical periods.

This consideration might be expressed in many different ways, from the “neo-” movements, considered in a simplistic or sophisticated way, investing in the reformulation of past methodologies, to the most innovative and eccentric trends that base their departure from the centre on the use of the past as sustenance for their praxis, such as, for example, some retro-futuristic movements.

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